The FEBRACTA – Brazilian Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations – starts the year 2010 maintaining the commitment to represent the interests of the activity we carry on SISCEAB – Space Control System Brazilian Airline – in the most sensitive and expensive points to all of us: the regulation of the activity in the expectation of the professional adequate to the contemporary demands of the ATM Global and the social recognition and defense that are bound to this.

In 2009, FEBRACTA renewed its commitments to IFATCA – International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations – and reopened ties with OACTAM – Organization of Air Traffic Controllers Associations of Mercosur – to review together with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay Its Statute and expand it to a regional organization that encompasses the countries that make up UNASUR and will be called OATAS.

In 2009, a new Board of Directors was also elected to continue the steps already taken by President Carlos Trifilio. It must be said that Carlos Trifilio was successful in the action brought against him by the Aeronautics Command, and even isolated and criticized by practically all of his base in APACTA, a local association composed essentially of air traffic controllers linked to the SRPV-SP, represented with Federation in the CPI of the so-called “air chaos” and in other instances of civil society.

In 2010, FEBRACTA intends to establish itself nationally and internationally as an authority made up of air traffic controllers for matters that are relevant to them, from technical to administrative, always having their actions marked by commitment to the quality of service provided and by commitment to knowledge, With the solutions of the problems and with the management of risks and threats to the intended operability.

Also in 2010, FEBRACTA intends to encourage the exchange of experiences of the controllers with other associations of class, for example, the association of crew of the various airlines, and to strengthen relations with the SNA – National Union of Aeronauts -, representative body of the interests Of the main customers of our service rendering.

Although FEBRACTA defends the inversion of the administrative form as the human resources that make up the Air Navigation Service are allocated, it is open to compose with the Aeronautical Authorities, ANAC and DECEA, with the Secretariat of Civil Aviation and with the Ministry of defense actions to provide the Brazilian airspace highest reliability possible in order to receive the expanded contingent of aircraft with the advents 2014 and 2016.

Keeping these priorities, we wish all associations, self – employed in the system, authorities and, above all , To the Brazilian society that has in us great expectation, a 2010 full of accomplishments and successes. All within the limits of risks accepted by the Brazilian State.